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the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm dan ashley. an arrest tonight in a brutal beating. you may have seen that troubling video that shows a woman being kicked right in the face after robbers snatched her purse on the streets of san francisco. we have to warn you. it is very graphic if you haven't seen it. police say this video, watch here the kick, just brutal.
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led to the capture of a man who attacked her so viciously. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> take a good look at the security camera video. the brutal attack, kick in the face that left a female victim unconscious. this after a group of four or five robbers took her purse, then knocked her to the ground. police say, this is 23-year-old christopher porter bailey, the man who cold bloodedly delivered the kick. >> it happened on pride weekend. on that sunday, june 30th, just before 2:00 in the morning. the pride and jubilation that ended. people were leaving the bars and parties. the 28-year-old woman was walking on market near delores when she was robbed. her assailants did not know that the entire attack was captured on camera. police say they were able to identify an arrest two of the robbers near the scene. 22-year-old julian williams and john a. davis, age 20. but the most violent of the
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group was still missing. police released the disturbing video. it struck a cord among the public. even those who knew the suspect. leads began to come in. >> certainly any time you see a robbery that's accompanied with a violent assault like that, it's really disturbing when you see an assault of that nature on an innocent victim. >> the leads paid off. porter bailey was arrested five days ago in oakland. he was charged with robbery, assault and battery. he'll be arraigned next month. vic lee, abc 7 news. now, as for the woman kicked so savagely, we understand she's recovering at her home in the central valley. a wildfire on the lawrence livermore lab property destroyed a trailer. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. the fire broke out before 4:00 known as site 300. it's near the explosive testing area. the cause of the fire is under
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investigation. well, here we go again. this is a fed ex -- we'll get to that story in a moment. let me pass this along. what you're looking at here is in fed ex truck driver that was being checked out because of an explosion he felt. some sort of strange little incident. it turned out an m-80 firecracker was thrown under the van. nothing in the van exploded. he was allowed to continue on his way. no harm, no foul. well, here we go again as i was saying. b.a.r.t. unions say if they go on strike, they'll let the public know by tomorrow night at midnight when a 72-hour strike notice would begin. advance notice that the trains would stop running. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez with the latest on the talks. >> both sides of the talks came ready to move things forward. >> you've seen all the food hauled in. we're prepared to negotiate. >> this morning, b.a.r.t. management spent most of the day
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explaining to the unions what it sees as the best they can offer. we made adjustments so that everyone sees more money in their pocket. the calculations we've run show that all employees will receive a 1% net gain and not only that, they can get more money in their pocket if they choose a cheaper medical premium. >> the union says the workers deserve a better offer. >> for me, personally, i commute an hour each way. i don't live in the bay area. can't afford to. it's very difficult for -- to hear that. >> a b.a.r.t. spokesperson agrees the unions deserve a pay increase after not getting one for four years. but argues they can't afford to give into the demands of the union. >> there are very structural changes that need to be made in terms of pension and health care costs. those need to be made in order for us to continue to run the system for another 40 years. >> b.a.r.t. reiterated if it were to meet the demands of its unions, b.a.r.t. would have to
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raise fares. in oakland, lee an melendez, abc 7 news. ridership on the ferries tripled during the earlier b.a.r.t. strike. bay ferry is readying extra ferries in case it happens again. they're asking those to travel in off-peak hours. >> they could travel before 6:30 in the morning and not travel during the 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the ferry building. that would really help. >> meanwhile, bay ferry service from oakland to san fran fra would start earlier and end later if there is another b.a.r.t. walkout, we've put together a full range of resources for you at abc 7 you'll find the latest status on b.a.r.t. talks as well as information on commute alternatives. you can also download our exclusive abc 7 news ways traffic app to help you navigate the freeways. it's all in one spot. go to abc 7 the mayor of campbell is taking a stand and he did it by
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hosting a blood drive. abc 7 news reporter david louie explains. >> todd ka percent owe is donating blood. he's a public works director in campbell. his boss showed up to lend support. lowe signed up to give blood going through the lengthy health screening that protects the blood supply. he got rejected. the red cross uses the term deferred. >> after a number of questions, including sexual conduct with another male i was deferred. >> the u.s. food and drug administration has this rules and regulations in effect since 1983 that bar men who have had sex with men from donating blood because of the aids epidemic. >> it's ironic that i can host a blood drive but i can't donate blood myself. let's use this opportunity to demonstrate that there are members of our community that want to contribute of themselves to sacrifice and save the lives of others. >> lowe admits he donated blood in college but not answering truthfully. the fda said there was no penalty for doing that.
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no one in california's department of public health was able to tell us if the state has a penalty for lying. the fda estimates that the chances of contracting hiv/aids from donated blood is one in 2 million. no hiv test is 100% reliable. we asked residents what they thought. everyone, included a nurse indicated they had no problem with gays donating blood. >> it shouldn't be an issue at all. >> you think the risk is fairly loaf getting infected if you have a blood transfusion? >> yes. >> the questions are asked privately in a booth. donors have to problem with them. >> if you're comfortable with who you are and these are all important, you understand that they're being asked for an important reason. all the more reason to answer honestly. >> the fda says it is beginning a review of in regulation as a process began last year. in the meantime, canada two months ago lifted its ban allowing gay men who have not had sex with another man in five
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years to donate blood. in campbell, david louie, abc 7 news. the morning after pill will be in grocery stores by tomorrow. the plan b is on store shelves instead of behind a counter. that marks the end of a decade long battle to make it morecely available to people who want it. a tiny bug is causing big problems in the san joaquin valley. the bug called a ptiled or the jumping plant louse has forced the department of agriculture to put 178 square miles under quarantine. ag officials found six of the bugs two weeks ago. they can kill citrus trees. so it's a big deal. it means the fruit needs to be cleaned of all leaves and stems and trees must be sprayed. eight other california counties also have quarantines because of this bug. tonight, goodwill is close to getting the all clear from a
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bedbug scare that shut down two warehouses for nearly a week. bug experts started inspecting it and it's encouraging. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedmann has the latest on the story. >> for today at least, the bedbug scare ended with a shand shake, smiles and the departure of a bedbug sniffing dog who the nonprofit says found nothing suspicious. at a goodwill outlet not far away came as good news to customers. >> i think they're overly cautious. i think that's a good thing. i think the people in burlg game appreciate that. >> it began friday night in san francisco. an intake center for 33 different donation sites. an inspection revealed evidence of the critters prompting goodwill to throw out enough donation toss fill a semi truck. >> i've been filling it out with a more trustworthy thing -- >> bedbug infestations have
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become a national problem. dale ing old is surprised we don't hear more about them. >> we find evidence of bedbugs in hotels, movie theaters, planes, rains, boats, everywhere. we do cruise ships, we do -- i did a library in one city. >> the parasites can be as small as the head of a pin or as large as a ladybug. they cause skin rashes or allergies. they reproduce prolifically. >> they'll typically be where they can get a blood meal. that's what they're after. most likely it's going to be bedding, things associated with the bed, head boards. cabinets next to the beds. >> certainly all nonprofits run the risk of receiving bedbugs in donations. they come with the territory apparently. an old nemesis persisting in this new century. >> a goodwill spokesman told me today he's absolutely positive no bedbugs reached any customers. he says in fact, they've not
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identified any bedbugs in any facility. he says all of this has been precautionary and in that light, tomorrow the dog will return to sniff around again. in burlg game, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still to come, a showdown much sorts for the nation's spy agency. >> heckled by hackers and how the nsa director responded today in las vegas. o.j. simpson wins parole. but not freedom. i will explain. spencer christian is here with the weather. >> i have the accuweather forecast center. still looking at a cooler than average weather pattern. when will it warm up? i'll have the answer coming up. the surprise stalker. the surprise stalker. what happens to this fish and♪
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tomorrow. make the most of your day with abc morning news. traffic alerts and drive time starts at 4:30. >> along with my forecast to plan your day. >> at 6:00, don't miss michael finney. it's all tomorrow on abc 7 morning news. outrage over a new revelation about government spying. a new leak from fugitive edward snowden claims that the government has the power to track, hear and read every
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e-mail and every phone call all without a warrant. abc news reporter martha raddatz has reaction from washington. >> while national security secrets will leaking all over washington, general keith alexander was at a las vegas hacker's convention facing down hecklers. >> we stand for freedom. >> the heckler took issue with that statement but the director fired back, saying congressional investigators have found no illegal activity by the nsa. >> that's not -- those are facts. >> another blockbuster revelation today. a still top secret nsa program leaked by edward snowden to a british newspaper that it says allows u.s. analysts to snoop on "nearly everything a user does on the internet in real time." the guardian story provides a 32-page training guide showing how the so-called ex-key score program works. update a from 15
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around the world that can show phone calls, e-mails being written, sites being visited, words being searched. snowden discussed a surveillance program this extensive when his story erupted last month. >> i sit at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone. >> it was a story that brought vehement denials. >> i think he was lying. >> it wouldn't just surprise me, it would shock me. >> we spoke to the reporter who broke the story today from brazil. >> one of the problems, martha with allowing an agency to engage in these extraordinary activities is they're able to say whatever they want with no accountability. >> the nsa actually acknowledged in so-called ex-key score program after it was revealed calling it lawful and the head of the house intelligence committee said the program does not target americans. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. o.j. simpson will be getting out of prison earlier than
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expected. today nevada's parole board granted simpson parole on some of his convictions stemming from a 2007 holdup of two sports memorabilia dealers at a las vegas hotel. commissioners credited simpson for good behavior and a clean record while locked up. despite this, he faces four more years related to his original 33-year sentence. a lightning strike late today hit 12 soldiers in colorado, one in critical condition. the soldiers were performing drills at ft. carson. they had just gotten word of the storm when the cell overcame them quickly before they got to shelter. the 11 other soldiers are in stable condition, which is very scary the storms pop up very quickly. got to get out of the way. spencer christian is here. our atmosphere doesn't produce that kind of weather very often. >> we're thankful for that. things are quite calm and will remain like that for a while. here's a look the live doppler 7
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hd. calm weather and clear skies. we began with low cloudiness and fog along the coastline. it all sort of disappeared by late afternoon, leaving us with clear skies this evening. here's a look leif at the golden gate bridge. temperatures at this hour are 58 degrees in san francisco. 55 at half moon bay. another beautiful live view at vollmer peak looking eastward -- westward, rather. i beg your pardon under clear skies. we have readings of 64 degrees route now in santa rosa. 63 napa. fairfield 66. concord, 62. livermore, 60 degrees. another live view from emeryville camera in the east bay. clear skies all around and these are the forecast features we will see low clouds returning during the overnight hours. temperatures will be below normal again tomorrow. but it should be a pleasant day. we'll have changes through the weekend, temperatures up a
9:19 pm
couple degrees and down a couple degrees. the midday hours, the coastal fog disappeared giving us a sunnier afternoon than we had yesterday. actually, it was a couple degrees warmer in some spots today than yesterday. still, though, temperatures across the board remain below average because of the cool air mass to the northwest. it's been positioned there for about three days now. it's keeping our temperatures down below the average, especially in the inland locations. but, again, the weather has been quite pleasant. overnight tonight, we'll see a little bit more of that low cloudiness and fog developing. some will push locally inland. lows mainly in the mid 50s. starting our forecast animation 5:00 tomorrow morning, there will be just enough patches of fog to reduce visibility for early morning commuters in some spots but not entirely across the bay area. during the day, the fog will be burning away. sunny skies by afternoon from coast to inland. high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to 60s and 70s around the bay to low 80s in the warmest inland spots.
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in the south bay, we'll see highs up to 74 and san jose 79. the peninsula, 72 at redwood city and mountainview. on the coast, 58 at pacifica. 63 degrees will be the high in downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay, mid to upper 70s. santa rosa and cal stowing a. east bay 68 at oakland. 72 at castro valley. the inland, seeing highs of 80 at walnut creek and brentwood 78 and livermore 81 at antioch. here's the seven-day forecast. we won't see much change through the weekend. temperatures will bounce up a couple of degrees. back down a couple of degrees over the weekend. monday, tuesday, wednesday, inland highs in the upper 80s closer to the seasonal range this time of year. 78 degrees in the -- around the bay shore locations and low 60s on the coast. very ples and and steady weather pattern.
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thanks, spencer very much. as you know, amelia earhart never finished her flight but maybe her namesake will. when the new voyage is scheduled to take off from oakland.
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♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. this is abc 7 news. most of us associate climate change with dramatic events like big storms or drought or large chunks of ice disappearing from the arctic. now, in most cases the effects are more subtle than that. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman with a san francisco state researcher looking on a much smaller scale. >> when we hear about the world's rapidly changing kriemt
9:25 pm
climate, it's natural to assume they're talking about someplace else. we never look of evidence in our backyard. if we did, do you know where? >> i'm looking for marine snals. >> enter brittany. her fellow scientists call her the limb pet lady. >> you identify with the species you're working with. >> it may feel like a stretch, but not if you spent sometime with brittany along the shorelines of san francisco bay. the limb pets are fragile creatures that survive in hot sun and cold water. it makes them unique especially in the changing times. >> they're found where land meets the sea. the animals on a daily basis are exposed to both aerial conditions on the rocks that you and i may see as well as underwater. they've seen two environments. >> two extreme environments. the question about these creatures that live in air and in water is how much change can
9:26 pm
they take? >> in the air, they're really susceptible to any future changes in temperature. >> it matters because they're like the proverbial canaries in coal mines. brittany collected them for three years and subjected them to intense scrutiny. in a laboratory setting, she's put them through a series of tests to determine just how much of a temperature range they can endure. she measuresrtea rates, oxygen consumption, metabolisms. evidence shows they have reached the adaptive limits which renders them vulnerable. >> if they're vulnerable -- >> then a lot of other species might be as well. >> on a coastline ecosystem filled with interacting species, think dominos. if they disappear because of a changing climate, what's next? along the tibber on coast, abc 7 news. low on the food chain but
9:27 pm
one doesn't seem to know that. you can see this fish swimming the last lap. unbeknownst to him, a water bug is hiding waiting for the right moment. the bug snags the fish, injects it with a flooud that liquefies its insides and swallows it. watch. the point of all this is to evaluate the bug's reproductive system and geographic range. it's pumping up farther north possibly because of climate change. wild picture. for anyone thinking about dieting, scientists say there is one thing you should smell before trying to lose weight. that story is next. the new plans for cal state university students that one official says could not be more radical. scandal at city hall, what's behind the resignation of officials in walnut creek and why so many tried to keep it quiet. the fees to check in your baggage, how high can they actually
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this is abc 7 news. developing news out of concord tonight. a fire destroyed a home and tonight firefighters say a child playing with candles started it. it began just before 7:00. flamts engulfed the house when firefighters arrived an the scene. they immediately began to stop the fire from spreading. that became the major concerns. the latest on this developing story tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the city attorney of walnut creek says he's resigned because he was being pressured by the council to drop a child abuse investigation. one of his top assistants is doing the same. abc 7 news reporter mark matthews explains that the
9:32 pm
walnut creek city council is ducking for cover. >> every member of the city council refused our request for an interview. they don't want to talk about the resignation of city attorney brian winter. winter declined our request as did his assistant, katie wie zin ski. we know their leaving is tied to the investigation into child sex abuse charges leveled against an employee of walnut creek's lesher center for the arts. jason pedroza was charged with two felonies connected to texts and facebook messages he sent to teenage girls. four city employees including the human resources manager were put on administrative leave while they look into who knew about the suspected abuse and who might have failed to a report it. in the e-mail to city staff, the torney wrote he was pressured to drop the investigation when it appeared it would reach up the chain at city hall. mayor cindy silva and councilman
9:33 pm
bob simpsons told the contra kos a times, yes, they met with winter, but denied trying to pressure the city attorney. the four were allowed to return to jobs and found they acted appropriately overall. in the confidential report, an investigator found that the four employees had not been trained. they were required to report suspected abuse. the city manager knew of the abuse allegations but did not notify the chief or other members of the walnut creek police. >> anyone who supervises a program is required to report suspected child abuse. >> the executive director of the nonprofit child abuse -- says her organization is now providing instruction to the city of walnut creek. news that the city attorney is resigning because he felt pressure to drop an investigation into child abuse is troubling. >> this issue is frustrating for us in terms of raising awareness of the issue of child abuse and making sure that people report suspected child abuse.
9:34 pm
so every day we struggle with the issue, yes. >> everyone directly involved in the case, including the council and the chief of police and the city attorney himself were all unwilling to talk publicly about it. next council meeting set for ug. in walnut creek, mark matthew, abc 7 news. a federal appeals court ruled that redwood city video game maker electronic arts must face legal claims by college players who say the games unfairly use their images without compensation. e.a. argued that the college-based sports games are works of art and deserving first amendment protection. the company says it plans to appeal today's decision. starting this fall, cal state students won't be able to take courses offered online on the system on -- it means that a student from san francisco state can take micro economics at cal state fullerton and students there can learn american politics from a professor at sf
9:35 pm
state. the spokesman calls this a radical move. it's funded from -- $17 million in additional state funding originally earmarked for online education initiatives. starbucks customers will have faster wi-fi speeds, up to ten times faster thanks to the company's new partnership with google. this is video provided by the company. the faster service will first appear in new starbucks locations over the next month or so. then it will roll out to the company's 7,000 other u.s. stores starting with the busiest locations where wi-fi usage is highest. no doubt that, will include many in the bay area. researchers say that smelling an orange could help you diet. women given the smell of fresh oranges ate 60% less chocolate compared to those who smelled chocolate. it's theorized that the orange smell is enough of a reminder to help you watch what you eat. well, a lot of people struggle with luggage when
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headed to the airport can be a drag and hassle. coming up next, 7 on your side michael finney looks at a service that does it for you. kind of a luggage caddie. without a big hit to your wallet. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00 returns right after the break. i'll be back. hey everybody. i'm layla ghoul an, your traffic reporter. if you have to drive, be smart about it. check out abc 7 right now and you could drive away with a smart car. we'll announce a lucky winner on friday, august 2nd on abc 7 morning news. ♪ a wise jamaican once said, "drinking beer is like dancing with your lady. always better when you slow down." red stripe. hooray beer!
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having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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♪ what's up with all these beers needing their own fancy glass? not me mon. i am my own fancy glass. red stripe. hooray beer! news about travel. europe's biggest budget airline is often ahead of the game when it comes to charging fees and
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they're take tg to a new level. ryan air says it will keep increasing charges until we get rid of bags. the company meanwhile is hiking fees for the summer from $40 to $60 because as the ceo, michael o'leary says, that's when most people are flying. o'leary says higher fees have reduced the number of passengers checking in baggage from 80 to 19%. o'leary says that's saving the airline a fortune. he says carry-ones might be next. the airline told pilots to fly at reduced speeds in order to burn less fuel and of course, save money. the lower speeds are adding two minutes to every hour in the air. on the subject of baggage, it can make traveling a nuisance and cumbersome. michael finney looks at one way to get it to your destination more easily. >> this is a familiar scene at many airports. travelers struggling with packed suitcases. some barely below the 50-pound
9:41 pm
limit. we met somebody who thinks he has a better idea. >> next up is brian all the marry whose business aims to help people with extra baggage. >> he was featured on the season finale of shark tank. his company will pick up your luggage and deliver it door to door to your destination. the selling point is convenience to the travelers. >> they can skip check-in and baggage claim and baggage fees and literally, travel with both hands-free. >> allen and nina minie are days away from moving to dallas. their oakland hills home is filled with boxes. movers are getting ready to ship things out. but it will be days before their shipment arrives. so these are the bags lugless will get to dallas ahead of the other stuff so they'll have the bare necessities while they wait for the moving truck to arrive. >> i would definitely much
9:42 pm
prefer to send bags ahead than be standing around baggage claim. >> allen will be starting a new job and will be first to arrive in dallas along with their cat, mitscha. traveling light was important to him. price was not a consideration. >> when you're trying to deal with all the different logistics and be in all the different locations, you want to -- convenience trumps price. >> we compared prices on lugless with five similar services and lugless charge of $59 per standard bag was the least expensive. standard shipping requires bags to be picked up five days in advance. prices go up significantly for express service. insurance is included in the price. >> we have a $500, up to $500 money back guarantee. and we declare and we cover up to $500 per bag. >> depending on the season, lugless averages 300 to 500 customers per month. it's not for everybody.
9:43 pm
this traveler explains why he wouldn't use a luggage pickup service. >> i like to be close to it. if it's out of sight, it's out of mind. if it's traveling in the cab inbelow me, then i want to be close to it. >> we're a disrupt brand. we're changing the way people travel. >> i have a price comparison between lugless and competitors on our website. go to abc 7 there it also includes the cost of curbside check-in. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. the namesake of amelia earhart is planning to retrace her ancestor's last flight. she plans to take off from oakland in june of next year. she will fly around the world with an arkansas businessman as her co-pilot in a single engine plane. she became the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic. then she disappeared in the pacific leg of her attempted flight around the world.
9:44 pm
not a confirmed trace of her or her plane has ever been found. one of our most enduring mysteries. you know that old saying from star trek, beam me up scotty. just how long does it take to teleport? >> day around the pool as a dolphin steals the show. the bay area ♪
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military families that lost loved ones serving their country spent the day at six flags discovery kingdom. it's all thanks to the generosity of a local coffee company and a national nonprofit. abc 7 news reporter nick smith has the story. spending the afternoon poolside with dolphins is always kind of special. even more so when you learn what
9:48 pm
brought everyone you see here together. >> being with my family and hanging out with other kids knowing that they've lost someone in their -- a fallen soldier too. >> they were brought here by a charity that creates fun for the children of military families that lost a loved one in service to their country since 9/11. cassidy lost her dad six years ago but hold one image particularly close. >> i have a memory that we went to hawaii and he's holding me up in the waves. >> there are more than 20 local families here today. every child has a similar story about that dark place in their life left when they lost someone they loved. but today, tears are replaced by laugh, the opportunity to meet new friends. >> for the wives and children of fallen military heroes, it's about more than burgers and fries. it's about remembering the sacrifice, it's about family. >> been ten years for me.
9:49 pm
>> tina cline's high school sweetheart was a marine. she lost him march of 2003. >> going through this and very lonely road. when we come together, we come together. >> i see the kids growing up, getting better and better. >> the gatherings are called a snowflake event organized by green beans coffee and snowball express. participation is about more than good p.r. it's about showing how much they appreciate the sacrifice made by military families and a reminder that they are not alone. >> huge for the heart. huge for the heart. i getaway more out of this than these kids do. >> at six flags discovery kingdom, nick smith, abc 7 news. wonderful day. terrific gesture. let's update the forecast again. spencer christian is here. not bad. we have a clear coastline tonight. we expect low clouds and fog to return overnight. tomorrow statewide, mainly sunny conditions from top to bottom.
9:50 pm
warm but not hot through the interior sections of california. highs in the mid-80s in chico and sacramento. 93 yoes empty. palm springs at 107. 76 in los angeles. in the bay area, a cooler than average but pleasant day with highs up to about 60 on the coast. low 80s inland. pleasant and well below the average inland. temperatures will increase a couple of degrees on friday. then drop off a couple degrees over the weekend and bounce back up monday, tuesday, wednesday. the highest inland is upper 80s. monday tuesday and wednesday. nothing extreme will. but still a little bit below the seasonal average where we should see 90 or 92 inland this time of year. >> pretty steady after tomorrow. thanks, spence very much. the famous line from star trek, beam me up is destined to remain science fiction. some physics students did the math and said teleporting would take forever between the
9:51 pm
complexity of dna and the bandwidth used to transport a person, it would take 4.5 quadrillion years from dematerialization to rematerialization. in case you wonder, that's 350 times the age of the universe. okay. so they have kinks to work out. let's not give up on it. >> it's funny that you mention this. i have a friend who is a nuclear scientist, a rocket scientist. that's who i hang with. i asked him about it. he said we have the ability to do detaematerialize you now. it's putting you back together that's the hard part. >> when i was a kid and used to work on my car, it was easy to take apart. anybody could do that. >> putting it back -- the humpty-dumpty problem, isn't it? >> that was his thesis. >> try to bust out of their misery thanks to two guys from aaa. brian wilson in
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, the search for daphne tonight. what her family is doing so people keep looking. also, the bay bridge fix. our first look at the piece of equipment designed to save the bridge. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. larry is here. we're marveling that larry hangs out with a nuclear physicist. >> what do you talk about? >> we're marveling that he hangs out with larry. >> his name is gunther. >> there you go. >> he's very much smarter than me. >> that doesn't say much. >> baseball biogenesis suspensions very soon. major league baseball officials are pushing to ban alex rodriguez for life. most players are just going to accept their 50-game penalties. their suspensions. because a-rod previously admitted to using steroids, he's a two-time offender. mlb supposedly has sefd that he tried to hamper the
9:56 pm
investigation. that's raising the possibility of a lifetime ban. rodriguez would certainly fight it in arbitration. there's so much money on the table for him. the star coming back from hip surgery. it's unclear if he'll ever be allowed to return. 78, that was the combined age of the starting pitchers in today's a's blue jays game at the coliseum. r.a. dickey, the younger of the two. 38 years old. he struggled scoreless in the third. lowrey with a base hit to right. a throw to third. sogard comes home 1-0 oakland. the elder statesmen at 40. try to get it back to cologne. 2-1 toronto. in the fifth, brandon moss pops it up. i got it, i got it. i got it. >> sogard was running with two outs. heads up. he scores on the play. 2-2 extra innings now.
9:57 pm
bautista brings home jose reyes with a double to right. jesse chavez surrendered three runs in the tenth. a's couldn't do anything. the jays take a 5-2 win. detroit deadline came and went today. no moves by the giants or the a's. the move that prompted so much reaction in the bay area was brian wilson signing with the l.a. dodgers. the ex-giant star closer reportedly never received a formal offer. >> i don't worry about rivalry. i play baseball. if there's 30 teams out there and 29 teams don't want me, what am i going to do say i'm not playing baseball. coe let i drafted me in 2003 after my first tommy john. i'm going to give them -- give me another chance. i'm just grateful to be playing baseball again. >> kind of hefty there. giants trying to snap a -- first inning base hit to center scores a pair. here's the throw home. buster posey is in. a 3-0 giants. next batter.
9:58 pm
roger quiche nick. 26-year-old. this is his first major league at-bat. single to center scoring. he was two for five on the night. this is great. his family was all on hand in the outfield to watch the game. hitless in the last 40 at-bats. this is his first ever rbi in the bigs. hunter pence makes it 7-1. the giants offense, they missed this for the past couple of months. aloha! had three hits yesterday. three more today. 8-1 giants. later in the seventh. brandon crawford. that is crushed deep into the night. his first homer since april. the giants go deep for the first time in nine games. and snap a five-game losing streak with a 9-2 victory. the 49ers first pre-season game eight days away. make no mistake, this is colin kaepernick's team now. his first training camp as the
9:59 pm
starter getting all the first team reps. it's huge for a young player, especially a quarterback. kap making the most of it. >> i feel i'm farther ahead of where i was last year. i mean, hopefully moving forward. >> definitely somebody with a live arm. i think he's really focused on all his throws. short, intermediate and deep. you know, we've seen some really nice throws this camp. >>s other football, the international champions cup, at&t park. everton, there's tim howard the keeper for the u.s. in goal for effort son. kevin morales, look at this move here. the crossover and lefty shoots and scores. 1-0 everton. moral morales knows he's at at&t park because he's hitting it into the cove. >> it's 1-1 late in the second half. good stuff. thanks, larry very much. thanks, larry very much. that is this edition of abc 7
10:00 pm
( knocking on door ) dennis: yo, charlie, it's dennis. hey. - hey, dude. - what's up, buddy? your face looks, uh, poofy.

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